I spent a few days helping to clear out the house.  I’ve never "cleaned up" after a death before but I will say that it involves a dumpster and determining if someone else’s stuff is worth keeping or not.  Looking through the personal effects of someone you personally know makes you realize that you don’t know much.  Odd what one chooses to keep.  A Guidepost from 1971.  Hundreds of spare buttons.  A bottle of unopened salad dressing that expired in 1983.  Enough Christian books to open a bookstore or donate to the Oral Roberts’ Museum and Fan Club.  We filled 20 garbage bags of clothes for a women that never accepted an invitation to any family functions. 

This whole thing has made me rethink how I clean.  From now on if I can’t decide between saving it or throwing it out, I will simply ask myself a few questions:

If I died tomorrow would someone else throw this shit away?  If yes, I should save them the trouble and throw it away myself.

If I died tomorrow what would this "evidence" reveal about me?  If it’s something that I want to remain private – throw it away.  If it’s something I want public then tell people now to their face, rather than leaving clues behind for speculation. 



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