Whole Foods

I’m giving a free talk this Sunday at The Common Market on “What Is A Whole Food”.  Then in a few weeks I’ll talk about transitioning to whole foods.  All free talks.  All good information.

Whole foods are pretty obvious – they are foods whose single ingredient is itself.  Like an apple.  A olive.  Whole Milk.  Most people don’t eat enough of these, choosing more partial foods like apple juice,  skim milk, and olive oil.  Which is fine, the problem really comes into play when you’re eating too many fake foods like Apple Jacks.  Cheese food products that squirt out of a can.  Partially hydrogenated soy bean oil.

And although whole foods shouldn’t confuse people – Can you pronounce it?  Spell it?  Does it come from nature? –  they do because if you believe what you read you might believe that Apple Jacks contain apples and therefore are healthy or high fructose corn syrup must be okay because, hey, there’s corn in there.

The easiest thing to do is to imagine what you’re eating before you eat it.  If your idea of corn is picking it from your teeth after you’ve gnawed if off a cob, then stick to that version of corn.  But if you’ve never once imagined those kernels being wet milled into starch then broken down by enzymes into glucose only to be broken down further into fructose, then perhaps that’s the clue that you should pass.

I haven’t even mentioned whole grains which are what really confuse people.  After I give my talk, I’ll reprint some information here to share.  In the mean time.  Keep it simple.  Eat foods from nature as often as possible and note how you feel versus when you eat something that comes from a factory.


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