The Moon Lounge

In a few weeks we’re hosting our second Moon Lounge at Sol Yoga.  The first one was called a moon lodge that due to the BYOB option, eventually evolved into a lounge, so we’re keeping that as the name.

The Moon Lounge is cool, hip, mysterious, empowering, enlightening and entertaining.  The Moon Lounge isn’t religious, political, dogmatic, sexual, or magical, although if you’re religious, political, sexual or magical, you’re welcome to attend.  Dogmatic fanatics should definitely stay home. 

We named it the moon lounge because it happens at Sol Yoga (sol, means sun in Spanish) and the studio wanted to balance out it’s  daily sun energy with a bi-monthly lunar gathering.  Another reason for the moon focus is because lunar energy is a feminine energy that mimics our monthly cycles, so it’s intrinsically female, the perfect name for a women’s gathering.      

The Moon Lounge is based on a few universal laws and dictated by the energy of the room.  The only control a participant has is their choice to attend and the type of wine that they bring – after which the evening becomes very random.  Women are randomly assigned a group, questions are randomly pulled from a bag and the answers are random based on who is answering.  The questions create connection and allow for important information to be exchanged.  As the evening progresses, the questions get "deeper" such that the conversations become more authentic. 

The intention of The Moon Lounge is to create a space where women of different backgrounds, ages, races, religions, that are in different stages of life can authentically connect with one another.  A place where a wisdom exchange can easily occur and you leave refreshed, revitalized and inspired not only by what you got from the group, but what you gave.  The fact is, if you attend The Moon Lounge, you are there specifically because someone else needs to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Your presence is that important. 

If women remembered that every time they left the house, the world would definitely be a better place. 


3 responses to “The Moon Lounge

  1. So inspiring, Linda! Wish I lived closer so I could attend. Sounds really fabulous.

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