Chifforobes and Coincidences

I believe that coincidences are the universe’s version of a spotlight highlighting to you what you need to examine more closely.  So I can’t help but wonder if my recently inherited 1930s chifforobe has some bigger significance.   You see I was in the middle of reading, To Kill A Mockingbird, when I found myself driving from Pittsburgh to Frederick, Maryland with a chifforobe in the back of my van.   

If you remember from To Kill A Mockingbird, the chifforobe is the key reason Tom Robinson is in the Ewell home in the first place.  In the movie, Mayella Ewell claims that when Tom was walking by she said, ‘You come in here, boy, and bust up this chifforobe, and I’ll give you a nickel.’   Tom claims different, he states that she said to jus’ step on the chair yonder an’ git that box down from on top of the chifforobe. So I done like she told me…  Their accounts differ, but the chifforobe is something they both agree on.

The big question of course – what does it mean?  Chifforobes are a cross between a chiffonier, a French word for a high, narrow dresser and wardrobe or closet – hence the name.   I did some research and there seems to be no literary significance for the chifforobe in the book.  So I’m just going to trust that I’m supposed to have it.  It fits perfectly in my upstairs hallway.  It is lined with cedar –  and you can’t go wrong with that.  And every time I look at I think of Harper Lee’s amazing novel.  Not a bad thought to have floating through your brain.  I guess it’s purpose will be revealed to me when I need to know. 


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