Apathy here we come…

Things are getting pretty desperate when all the boys can’t be men ~ Tori Amos

Just for fun, using direct and imagined quotes, let’s count some lies, shall we?

  • Nixon wasn’t a crook.
  • Bush Senior wasn’t going to raise taxes.
  • Clinton didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.
  • Bush Jr. told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • Swaggert needed to return to the pulpit or millions were going to go to hell – not sure if that was before or after he had affairs with prostitutes.
  • Bishops rarely know that the priests they bounce from parish to parish are pedophiles.
  • CEO’s of major corporations are never aware of accounting problems in the organizations they oversee.
  • Ex-heads of International Arabian Horse Association are definitely qualified to run FEMA.
  • The war in Iraq was only going to last a few months at most due to our amazing ability to “shock and awe”.
  • Apparently all major league athletes get their strength and agility from working out and eating well.
  • If you get caught sending lewd messages to minors just call yourself an alcoholic, run to rehab and hope people forget.

Hey fellas – guess what?  We’re tired of the lies, the cover-ups, the integrity breaches, the finger pointing and the fake tears.  We’re disgusted.  We don’t trust you.  We assume that when your mouth is moving you are lying.

And guess what else?  You can blame the media, the gays, the terrorists, those that aren’t saved, and those that have vaginas for all the problems in this world, but the truth is, every time you lie about your lies you teach people that NOT being accountable is okay.

When the higher-ups and people of power and prestige have no integrity, the middle folks figure they don’t need any integrity which eventually trickles down to the children of this country.  Soon no one feels like they need to be accountable for their actions.

Guess what else?  We’re a pissed off nation heading towards election day.  But don’t worry.  You can doge that bullet as well.  Keep it up and we’ll go from anger to apathy.  We’ll become a “we don’t give a shit nation” and you won’t have to worry about what we think.  But remember, if we stop caring all together, we might be too depressed to spend our money, support your causes, throw our coins into your donation plates, go to your games, route for your teams, buy your books, products, CD’s or attend your movies.  Our only hobby will be to spread our apathy to our kids so that they can grow up and not be disillusioned by your lies and deceits.

Once you’re free from being accountable to us “little people” you’ll can expend all of your energy trying lead, shape, inspire, educate and entertain a chaotic nation full of emotionless, pathetic, disinterested, unengaged and lethargic people.    That should be fun.

Our anger means that we still care.  So step up to the plate and start acting right while you still have our attention – because if we get to apathy, this entire country will go to hell in a hand basket, pretty damn quick.


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