Girls Weekend

I have great friends.  One group of great friends I call The Burgh Babes because they’re all from Pittsburgh and have been kind enough to keep in touch with me for the last six years since I’ve move away from The Burgh.  They are funny, smart, beautiful, interesting and loyal and they’d do anything for you.  We take a trip when someone turns 40 and last weekend we went to Florida. 

I have pictures.  I have stories.  I have evidence.  I had the sense to not get shit-faced and instead document the evening and I could seriously ruin reputations.  But I won’t.  Even though it would be funny.  Even though it would be interesting.  Even though it is all "blog-worthy".  I will instead honor my friends and their privacy and their dignity (many photos are of ladies in swim suits…need I say more).

I would like to thank Lisa for getting us a round of drinks on Saturday night.  To the guy that she kept calling Shaun Cassidy I’m shocked that you plunked down $48 on a round.  Here’s a tip for the future.  When someone keeps calling you Shaun, keeps asking you where Parker Stevenson is and wants to know if you’ve solved any mysteries tonight – all while slurring her words – you’re not going to get lucky, you’re going to simply be out $48 bucks.  For God’s sakes, use your brain, man.

I would also like to say that one of these lifetimes, I want to live the DINK (double income no kids) Life.  Then I can have the 4 bedroom house-with in-ground pool-rare African art-top of the line furnishings-2 cars in the garage-gated community life.  This, mind you, was a VACATION house.  I can only imagine what their actual house looks like.  So thank you Carol for letting us stay the weekend in your beautiful home.   

Thank you ladies for a fun weekend and to Debbie the birthday girl, for making 40 definitely look like the new 25.  You wear it well.  Happy Birthday. 


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