Moon Lounge

Moon Friday night we hosted our second Moon Lounge at Sol Yoga and I must say, it was another success.  We had about 21 people registered and this time we had WALK-INS giving us a grand total of 25 participants.  We’ll be at our maximum capacity of 36 in no time.  Soon getting a seat at The Moon Lounge will require having Sol Yoga on speed dial and sleeping with someone who works there, mark my words.

We followed the same format (to read about the first moon lounge click here ).  The group this time was younger and I think we had 3 repeat customers (thanks Stephanie, Pat and Katrina!) but otherwise it was a new group of women experiencing the lounge for the first time.   By the end of the evening connections were made, things were learned, authentic conversations occurred, numbers were exchanged and plans were made to attend the next lounge.

If you’re still not sure what the moon lounge is, let me give some examples of questions you might pull.  Round One is pretty easy and allows for quick answers to questions you might ask anyone that you’ve just met:

What’s your favorite color?  What’s your sign?  McDonald’s or Burger King?  Do you save first and spend later?  Are you good with money or bad with money? Tom Cruise:  Control freak or crazy in love?

Round Two questions are a little more personal.

Think of the person that you dislike most in the world – Now tell the group something great about this person.  Does your wardrobe express your personal style or need a complete overhaul?  What do you love doing but never make time for?

Round Three questions are even more revealing and often spark a group discussion:

What’s the one false (limiting) belief about yourself that holds you back?  Think of your biggest obstacle in life – how has it served as an opportunity?  Fill in the blank – my God is ______.

I always learn something new and leave with something to “chew on”.  The theme I ran into this time was that I was forced to answer questions about what I love to do but never make time for.  I honestly couldn’t answer the question but my best friend from college, Jen, reminded me that I loved acting.  Since the last time I was on a stage was pre-kids, I had completely forgotten how much I loved to be in character.  My love of acting came up a few times during the evening which told me that universe wants me to think about it for some reason.  Maybe I’ll check out the local theatre scene or at the least, start attending more live theatre events.

I saw one gal in our group actually blossom throughout the evening.  You could feel her confidence expanding as she answered each question and listened to the experiences of the those around her.  It was cool to see.

Our last question was to look at each person in the group and say the word that comes to mind.  Lynne was “intuitive”.  Lonnie was “sweet”.  Bobbi was “fashionable”. Lori was “peace” and Jen was “my heart”.   Then I had to sit there and listen to others describe me.  Lastly I had to decide if I wanted to believe them or not.  I did.  It was a cool way to end the evening and I left feeling great about myself which is the whole purpose behind the moon lounge.

Hope you can make the next one.


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