Birthday Memories

Tomorrow my oldest daughter turns 11.  Tonight a few of her friends are over sharing pizza and chips while watching old Charmed episodes and using the Ouija Board during commercials.  It’s clearly a mystical night and the spirit board is being used to figure out important things like, whether Julia will pass math this semester (yes), if anyone will get sick tonight (another yes, YIKES!) and if it will snow (no, thank God).  Apparently the Ouija is kicking butt.

This is a much better birthday than her 5th soiree.  We had just moved to Manhattan and Paige had only been in a school a week.  So with no friends to invite the "big bash" included Paige, her sister Jarin, myself and my husband….and a hired clown. 

The clown was obviously a struggling actor paying the bills with the clown gig between Broadway auditions and flights to LA to film pilots.  He could sing really well, played a mean ukulele, was a decent face painter and stayed in character for the entire hour.  By the end of his "set" he had given Paige all of his props:  A magic castle, a talking Rosie O’Donnell doll to remind Paige that she was a "cutie patootie" and he even threw in the paints.  We weren’t sure if he was planning to take his life due to his lack of Broadway exposure and wanted to purge himself of all possessions – or if he just realized that the birthday girl was more pathetic than he was.

Either way he made a lonely girl smile while she celebrated her birthday far from friends and family and helped two guilt ridden parents feel less lousy about themselves.  And bonus – he gives us something to laugh about every time we pull out the video of this joyous occasion.      


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