Diet Progress

I’m 2 weeks into my healthy eating program.  Ah, hell, who am I kidding?  I’m 2 weeks into "my 20th high school class reunion is in 5 weeks and I’d better get my ass into shape" program.  Nothing motivates as well as seeing the gang from high school.  Truth is, my extended family saw my fat ass at a wedding last year and didn’t say a thing.  They love me.  They’re going to accept me at any size.  But the captain of the cheer-leading squad from 1986?  She doesn’t give a damn about me – she’ll tell everyone how disgusting I look.  So, trust me when I tell you that sticking to this diet has been as easy as pie…I mean no-sugar added pie. 

I’m down a jean size.  I still can’t wear this size in public mind you but my meat skirt is officially gone.  That would be the large roll of fat that used to hang over the sides of my jeans, resembling a skirt. 

Another amazing thing is happening.  When I work out – I sweat.  Apparently if you want to lose weight you actually have to require a shower after exercising if you want to burn calories.  Who knew?  I even started doing wind sprints on my treadmill and I’m living to tell the tale.   And the weirdest thing of all – if I don’t run on my treadmill…I feel…sad, like I’m missing something.  This is shocking the hell out of me.  I’ve prided myself on being the type of person that works smart, not hard.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking for weight loss magic without actually having to sweat to do it.  Don’t tell anyone, for it could ruin my reputation.

I’m not following a very strict food plan – just my standard whole foods eating which I define as gravitating to foods from nature and avoiding foods from factories made by people wearing hair nets and clear plastic gloves.  Sometimes I eat something processed and sweet and jammed pack with calories – but I don’t freak and use it to justify binging and losing control.  So that’s cool too.

Basically the goal is to push myself harder than usual but without being too attached to the outcome.  I’m finding that I like moving my body and I’m learning a lot about myself during this process – probably more than I learned at the high school who’s reunion started all of this.   


2 responses to “Diet Progress

  1. Hi Linda,
    Speaking as the captian of the cheerleading squad in 1986…I do give a damn about you! Besides, I won’t even be at the reunion! (And not because I’m a good ten pounds overweight myself!)

  2. You know – I thought about that when I wrote it. I couldn’t remember if you were head cheerleader or if Stacy was. But I decided to leave it in for comic effect! 🙂 Glad to know that you care – but honestly, I already knew. Sorry you won’t be at the reunion. I’ll take pictures and email them to you when I get back.

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