Not Camera Ready

I’ve decided to start carrying my camera around with me.  Often times I stumble upon great photographic opportunities for my blog only to be cameraless.  Like yesterday for example.  I was stopped at a red light on Jefferson Street in Frederick, MD.  I looked out my passenger side window and thought it was odd that a little girl dressed in a fairy costume would be standing outside her house unattended, waving her magic wand to strangers driving by.

Yes it was Halloween.  Sure the costume was appropriate for the day and the unseasonably warm temperatures.  But seriously – where was her mother?  Why would anyone let a small child stand inches from quick moving traffic?

Then I looked closer.  I notice a very large hump protruding from her back.  The kind of hump that indicates not only age but osteoporosis.  I was confused.  Why would a child have a hunch back?  Then the fairy turned to wave to me and I saw the face of a 70 year-old-woman (at least) on the body of a 7 year-old-girl.  She was short (maybe 48" tall)with skinny, little legs, no boobs, a blonde head of curly hair, and sunglasses.

She was smiling and waving her magic wand, wearing her fairy wings and having a good ole time on the only day of the year when you can wear your fairy costume and no body cares.  It was the oddest yet greatest site I have ever seen here in Western Maryland. 

Since I didn’t have a camera I’ll try to describe her with Google images:

Take this fairy dress and body shapeFairy:

Mix it with this face:


Put on this wig: Blondedollywig

Slap on a pair of sunglasses and voila – That’s her!   

Damn it! I should have had my camera with me.  She really made my day.  She would have made your day, too.


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