Vote Damn It!

Allow me a moment to pat myself on the back.  I not only requested an absentee ballot since I’ll be away from my polling place next Tuesday, but I also filled it out and mail it in. 

If you are going to be in your town this Tuesday and don’t vote then shame on you.  Of course there are few good reasons not hit the voting booth:  Uncontrollable diarrhea; You’ve just given birth and you’re episiotomy hasn’t healed; You’re covered with oozing sores and contagious; You care for someone with Alzheimer’s and can’t leave them home alone or take them with you; You’ve just had major surgery; You don’t have transportation and it’s too far to walk.  These are all acceptable reasons for not voting.  But if you’re just not interested because you don’t follow politics and you don’t give a shit.  Those are lousy reasons. 

Go vote.  Even if you don’t know who the candidates are.   You can vote your party.  You can vote only for men.  You can vote only for women.  You can vote intuitively for whomever "feels right".  You can guess, like you did in high school during a multiple choice test.  Just vote!  If you do it enough,  it’ll become a habit and then maybe the next election you’ll be more informed. 

To get informed go on line to your local newspaper’s web site.  That’s what I did during the primary election.  I took my sample ballot, went on line and spent about 45 minutes reading up on the candidates.  Then I filled out my sample ballot, took it with me to the polls and pressed the buttons.  It’s not rocket science.  You can figure it out.

I was more than happy to cast my vote this year.  I voted with some very specific politicians in mind.  In fact if you’ve ever told me how to worship – This vote’s for you.  If you have ever stood on some moral soap box and told me how to live my life or called me morally "relative" because I don’t have some hard-lined, narrow minded view on the world – this vote’s for you.  If you have lied out of your ass to me and then covered it up – this vote’s for you.   If you have butchered the English language while giving a speech to the American people – this vote’s for you.  If you have blurred the line between church and state – this vote’s for you. 

A lot of people are pissed this election day.  Either you’re on the attack or feeling attacked.  Either way allow your anger to lead you to the polls.  Get out there and vote.  Maybe your votes will cancel out my votes.  But at least we’ll both have the right to complain later because we took the time to vote our conscious.  For all of you that stay home and do nothing – keep your bitching and moaning to yourself.   


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