Oh Canada

It’s official.  Enter The Circle is now an INTERNATIONAL  blog.  Per my last site meter investigation, 2 different Canadians visited my blog.  They didn’t stay long.  I believe they were led to my blog via a Google search that by happenstance, got them to my site.  I wouldn’t go as far as calling them fans.  They probably will never be back.  But regardless, they take my blog to the next level.

Throughout the last 2 months I’ve seen "unknown country" listed in my statistics.  But this is the first time someone in a known country other than the USA has visited.  I’ll be honest – I’ve been a little obsessed with getting a hit from outside the US.  I can stop harping on it now and move on. 

So in honor of the Canadians – I’ll have bacon later this morning and I dedicate this post to you!  Img_4075 


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