So election day has come and gone.  I’ll admit, being a registered Democrat I was a little giddy.  A little.  For a moment I felt hopeful because the majority of the American people were thinking and voting…like me!  If we could hold on for 2 more years, maybe ALL the folks running the government would think…like me!  Because lets be honest, we all think that if everyone would think like us, there would be no more problems in the world.  I’m sure that’s how the conservatives felt 2 years ago. 

Then I remembered something.  When the Republicans had control of everything there was no Republican Utopia being experience by everyone.  Likewise, when the Democrats have been in charge of everything, no Democrat Utopia comes to fruition.  Why?  Because you can create whatever Utopia you want, but it has to be lived in and enjoyed by Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party folks and lets not forget about the "I don’t give a shit about any of this" people.   In other words – a bunch of different Americans with opposing ideas have to live, work, and play TOGETHER, regardless of who’s in charge.

Interestingly enough, we do.  Every day.  All day long we get along and get on with it.  We put out fires, save lives, pay bills, keep the economy rolling, educate children, pretty up our yards, cook meals and buy groceries all while being surrounded by people that are nothing like us. 

So here’s an idea.  Why don’t "we the people" simply DEMAND that our elected officials get along?  If  the Evangelical right wingers believe that there was an arc, driven by Noah that housed lions that didn’t eat antelopes for the 40 days they were adrift, then expecting elephants and donkeys to co-exist without carnage and destruction should seem reasonable or at least feasible, right?      

In all sectors of society, democrats and republicans solve problems, meet deadlines and show progress while being respectful to one another.   They have to or they get fired.  So why not demand that once the elections are over, we expect good old fashion, functional problem solving.  Communication.  Mediation.  Fairness.  That’s what’s expected of us low life, peons.  If we can do it – I think the big wigs running the government should have to do it. 

This could be the most important, powerful 2 years of our government.  The Dr. Phil moment in American politics when the parties decide if they want to be right – or if they want to solve problems. The turning point when the two main opposing forces show by example how to work together to create functional solutions.  Imagine the trickle down effect of that. 

Or they can just fight and get nothing accomplished as usual.  That’s fine, too, but they shouldn’t be surprised when we the little people, follow their lead.      


2 responses to “Elections

  1. Mom's 2nd Brother

    I had a really thoughtful response to this last week, and then I backspaced or clicked something wrong and deleted everything. There it went…just like the light going out for the republicans! My comment was about a book I’m reading called The End of Faith. I’m 1/2 way through it, so I don’t really know if the butler did or not. I do think the book is consistent with Linda’s constellation of viewpoints on religion. The author, Sam Harris, is a neuro-scientist, and if I had to characterize the book, I’d say it’s about the negative cognitive impact that “faith” (i.e., dogma, doctrine) has on one’s cerebral health and rational potential. When we follow a scripted path like a prescribed way of behaving or thinking, it’s like a neurological shortcut, and no blood flows to the other parts of the brain that remain idle even though they’re fully capable of helping figure things out, naturally. It doesn’t take very long for those parts of the brain to starve to death, lack of bloodflow, kinda’ like your recent posting…when kids graduate from gradeschool and they opt out of fun in favor of cool so much so that they eventually forget what a blast it is to dress up for Halloween (not too much of a problem here in New Orleans). At any rate, I hope the Democrates haven’t completely forgotten how to govern, and that they can exercise more brain parts in a political environment that has encouraged more bloodshed than bloodflow. Let’s hope the recent election is a turning point!

  2. I found Sam Harris on http://www.truthdig.com and read an interview there. Very interesting and thought provoking. Thanks for the heads up. When you’re done with the book, post your thoughts if you don’t mind.

    Considering that the jury is still out on brain function (new discoveries all the time) and that the brain can completely redirect it’s resources, so to speak, to overcome injury, it makes perfect sense. Use the same pathways all the time – lose others.
    Thanks for the post, 2nd bro!

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