Back To The Daily Groove

Ever notice that when you stop exercising for a few days it’s tough to jump back on that particular train?  Probably because without exercise you feel like you have been hit by that same train.  You just don’t feel right when you haven’t moved.

After being on vacation for a week it’s time to get back to my routine and I’m procrastinating.  I usually hit the treadmill at 6:00.  Well, it is 5:59 and I’m still typing.  I think this is going to hurt.  I’m scared.  But I’ll do it anyway. 

What types of exercise do you do?  How do you feel when you don’t do them?  How great do you feel when you DO exercise? 


3 responses to “Back To The Daily Groove

  1. Amen to that! I was doing great working out 5-6 days/week for an hour a day, but since getting back from Disney (we were there too) I have only done it one day because of finding “acceptable” or “logical” excuses that I can’t or don’t have time. I know I should get back on the treadmill today or do my DVD routine, but it is really hard. Maybe it’s psychological but when I exercise I find it easy to follow my diet. When I don’t exercise, like vacation and last week, I find myself sifting through my kids Halloween candy about 3x/day and eating everything in sight with the thought that I will “get back on the exercise/diet horse” tomorrow and this might be my last chance to eat the stuff I love. But the next day I get up and find a “valid” excuse not to exercise, and what follows is not doing the diet either. It is very frustrating!!!!

  2. Linda: I’ve been going to Ft Detrick at lunchtime every day (mostly…) I found out that my contractor’s badge is pretty much a free pass on base! I usually do the elliptical for about 30 minutes and then stretch and do a little (very little) bit of ab work. Today my co-worker/workout buddy is forcing me to go the Awesome Abs class at 4:30. I’m a little scared of *that*! šŸ™‚ It is hard to get back into the routine. I had also been doing bellydancing once a week, but then the level 2 wasn’t offered for a term and I just started back up again last Thursday. ACK! I shoulda practiced! šŸ˜› Just jump in, it only hurts for a day or three! ~~Lisa

  3. You go girls! Belly dancing sounds like fun. An abs class on an army post sounds scary! Good luck!

    Victoria, Lisa’s right – just jump back in. Even if you only do a light or half-assed workout. I think just getting back on track and making it a daily thing again is what counts. You’ll get back to your level in a few days. Let me know how it goes.

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