Pods & Blogs

I spent the morning reading a blog entitled, Where Date Palms Grow by Zappy, a 34-year-old, married, Iraqi with 2 daughters who lives in Baghdad.  He’s obsessed with Seinfeld and often ends his posts with "Giddyup" which is funny.

His blog is enlightening, horrifying, beautiful and sad.  Throughout it you find yourself wondering if you have even a smidgen of the balls needed to live and work and love and parent in an active war zone on a daily basis.  Face you – you don’t.   Me neither.   

I found Zappy’s blog from Pods & Blogs, part of BBC Radio’s Five Live site.   

Pods and blogs is an hour of radio dedicated to covering the news as it’s seen by bloggers, podcasters and the citizen media. It’s our attempt to report the news members of the public are creating, discussing and sharing across the world thanks to the internet.

This is definitely what the Internet was designed for as opposed to middle aged men masturbating into their web cams while "chatting" with pre-teens.   Makes me want to explore podcasts (and start a vigilante group to kill off all pedophiles in the world). 

So if  you have blog or created a podcast or know of a ones out there that you think are worthy of highlighting send the link to podsandblogs@bbc.co.uk



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