Spirit Week

Img_4121 Today I personally hand out the trophies at my daughter’s school.  Yes, folks, the Spirit Week winner will be announced shortly and as the chairwoman of the Spirit Week Committee I’d like to thank all of the K-5 kids for their participation and showing of school spirit by following the various daily dress codes. 

We had Inside Out Day, Crazy Outfit Day, Pajama Day, Hat Day and Blue-n-White Day.  Per my daily tally, on average, we’ve had over 90% participation for each grade.  And these kids didn’t just participate – they went all out.  Some buy new pajamas just for PJ day each year.  Some boys wore skirts on crazy outfit day as a response to all the girls that wear ties.  You’ve got to be a pretty damn confident boy to wear a skirt in 3rd grade.

In fact that’s what’s great about grade school.  You’re young enough not to be too cool to participate.  I’m guessing that it’s in middle school where your coolness factor trumps your fun factor in life and then it just gets worse.  You don’t clap at the high school pep rallies.  You’re too cool to go to sporting events in college or wear a foam finger at a major league ball park.  Eventually you’re the killjoy showing up in street clothes at your neighbor’s costume party.

All I know is that in 3 hours a gymnasium full of kids dressed in blue and white will be waiting with baited breath to find out if they won a trophy.  The winning grade will go nuts.  Someone might even scream out, "Do you believe in miracles?"

The 5th grade is in the lead.  They’re probably going to win.  I just hope they keep their spirit and sense of fun with them as they head off to junior high.  And if you’ve lost yours, it’s not to late to find it.  Go buy a foam finger for God’s sake. 

PS. Thank you Joe Pruce Awards, located in Canonsburg, PA for donating the cool trophies. 


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