Intuitive Weight Loss Group Forming

I’m thinking that the key to weight loss isn’t low carb or low fat or following whatever Oprah is doing or joining Jenny Craig with Kirsty Alley – it’s plain old fashioned accountability.  When you have to check in frequently and tell the truth about your exercise and food, you’re more apt to stick with it.

It’s like flossing.  It’s not hard to lie to your hygenist while you play dumb and give her your "I-mean-to-floss-but-don’t-but-I-gargle-with-Listerine-and-isn’t-that-enough" speech.  You know you should floss.  You think about it every time you brush your teeth.  You simply choose not to.  You do this because you can and because it’s easy to lie at the dentist’s office twice a year.  But if you had to check in with your dentist daily and lie it would probably shame you into flossing.  You’d feel like enough of a jackass to take the 30 seconds to clean under your gum line.

Just like with weight loss.  Lying to yourself about why you ate 12 doughnuts is easy.  Saying it outloud to someone is hard.  Having to tell them about it daily would be excruciating.  So if you really want to lose weight, get an accountability partner.

For those interested in an accountable weight loss program I’m starting one a Life Directions on December 3rd.  You can call 301-668-1689 to sign up.  Not only will you get 6 weeks of accountability coaching, but you’ll also get a nifty intuitive weight loss workbook to follow along for the length of the program.  We’ll meet at the beginning for a 3-hour workshop overview.  You’ll check in daily with your AP (accountability partner) and weekly with me and we’ll meet up again at the end of the 6 weeks for a final check in and to dance around in our baggy jeans.  It’ll be fun but more importantly it’ll be functional.   

Email me if you’d like more info:


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