Silent Night, Holy Night

P1000034_7  P1000037

P1000027 I was going to go to church tonight, but was too tired.  I was asleep by 9:30.  Thank God I didn’t go out in public and embarrass myself snoring or drooling in a pew. 

Since "Santa" couldn’t stay awake long enough I had to trust that I’d wake up before the kids to organize the gifts under the tree.  Thank God someone from the 717 area code called my cell phone and woke me up at 12:15.  I didn’t recognize the number and they didn’t leave a message but damn, what great timing! 

Saturday night my mom and I walked the streets of Frederick trying out my new camera.  Here are some of the sites we stumbled upon.   I loved the mother and son sculpture in front of a local church and although there are many amazing trompe l’oeil paintings throughout downtown Frederick, this one is not only my favorite, but appropriate for the Christmas season.  The bear of course, is just fun.   

Merry Christmas! 


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