Blame Face

You’ve heard of the bitter beer face? I’ve got one worse than that called “The Blame Face”. The blame face is the look on your kid’s face when they want to blame you for something that’s wrong in their world.

It goes like this. She opens the fridge, grabs the carton of milk (that she returned to the refrigerator the night before) only to discover that it’s empty. She then goes out to the garage fridge to get a replacement carton only to find there are none left. She lowers her shoulders to half mast, sulks back into the house with her knuckles dragging on the floor like a cromagnum and with an accusatory tone says, “There’s no milk.”

You look up from your computer, glance at her and BAM! She lays the blame face on you because you didn’t take your milk mind-reading pill and predict that the milk would be gone or use your x-ray vision to see inside the container the last time you peeked into the fridge. You, my friend, have been demoted to jackass.

The look says it all. It conveys “how could you?” mixed with a little “how dare you?” and flavored with a pinch of “screw you!” because even though she can’t say it out loud, she can think it.

Ain’t motherhood grand?


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  1. Sorry, can’t reply right now. CYS just took me off hold.

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