Just In Time For The Winter Blues

The folks at Despair, Inc. can outfit your office for the coming “Winter Blues”. Instead of fighting this seasonal affliction and actually exercising or getting more sun, perhaps this is the year that you should simply embrace your blahs.

You can hang a lithograph of a tornado above your desk that states:


“When the winds of change blow hard enough the most trivial of things can become deadly projectiles.”

Or you can cross off the days on your calendar and remember that:

“For every winner there are dozens of losers. Odds are you are one of them.”

They have note cards so you can send depressing, reality-based messages to your friends and family as well as “Despairwear” to spout your anti-optimism message as you walk the earth. Pick up an “InsecuriTee” and get out there and spread some cheer!


Don’t have the cash right now after paying off all of your holiday debt? No worries. You can buy Bittersweets for when Valentine’s Day rolls around and you’re really depressed.


If you can only get one item, I humbly suggest my absolute favorite, their Pessimist’s Mug:



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