Just so we’re clear.  Don’t call me.  Don’t email me.  Don’t stop by.  At 8:00PM this evening I’ll be glued in front of the television.  24 is back on the schedule and Fox will again be giving it a 2 night, 4-hour time slot to get the season rolling.  24

I was going to spend time gushing about my favorite show to convince you to add it to your Tivo list or your weekly couch potato routine, but Stephen King wrote an article for Entertainment Weekly about season 6 and since he’s a better writer than I am, I’ll let him explain it to you

If you do decide to jump on this bandwagon, make sure you’re ready to watch at 8:00 sharp. During last season’s opener, three main and beloved characters were killed off in the first 10 minutes.  The writers of 24 don’t fuck around, believe me.  EVERYONE is dispensable.  ANYONE can be tortured or killed.  Sacrifices are made for the greater good and ALL are fair game, even the great Jack Bauer.

I do believe there’s a great drinking game in the making with this series.  Back in the day many would do a shot or take a gulp every time someone said "Bob" during a Bob Newhart reunion.  If you did a shot every time Jack says, "damn it," you’d be drunk before the first commercial. 

So enjoy.  Place your bets on who’s going to get killed this season.  How messed up will Jack be after 18 months of torture from the Chinese government?  Is Audrey still waiting for him?  Do we care?  Will that be enough to bring Kim back to her senses and heal their father-daughter rift?  Will Chloe’s personality improve like her hair obviously has?  Stay tuned.


4 responses to “24

  1. I want you to know that based entirely upon this post, I taped 24 last evening (becase we were out for the evening). Paul, Emily and I just finished watching it this afternoon. What a show! I had no idea there was TV this good out there. (I guess that’s because all we watch is American Idol and reruns of Full House..)

    We were still reeling and wondering how we could live until next week, when they announce that tonight, IN JUST ONE HOUR, we get to watch a while ‘nother 2 hours worth!

    Thanks for the tip. Enjoy tonigth’s episode…

  2. It’s tough to get through the week once 24 starts every January. To fill this void, put season’s 1-5 on your netflix. WARNING: It will get addicting but you’ll have 120 episodes to enjoy. Start with season one and see the progression – who dies, why they die, what Jack has to do to save the nation, etc. It’ll make season six even more enjoyable for you.

    Glad you liked it!

  3. Is Curtis dead or what? First view looked like he took a shot to the neck, than it looked like his shoulder.

    You don’t want to be an anonymous CTU field agent, most likely you will die.

    Best thing is to be a murderous criminal because we’ll give you immunity.

  4. HA! That’s funny. And accurate! If you go to the 24 message boards, there are still those that think (well, dream) that Tony and Michelle are still alive. Curtis is dead. RIP

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