A Change Will Do Me Good

Hello it’s me, I’m not at home.
If you’d like to reach me, leave me alone. ~ Sheryl Crow

I’ve been holed up for the last week trying to finalize my switchover from PC to Mac. I think it would be easier to come out or suddenly decide to be a Republican. Don’t get me wrong, the actual physical switch is easy. Open the box, plug it in and you’re done. But I’ve been using some Microsoft programs for a long time now, like Money and Publisher and there’s no getting around those. I need to cut my losses and move on.

I’m using this situation to prompt me to purge. Old files, old emails, financial records I don’t need – It’s all gone. I’m starting clean and fresh. If something doens’t survive the move, I’m assuming that I simply don’t need it.

So I’ll be back to regular blogging soon. In the mean time check out the blogs that I check out:

For medical info and great recipes go to The Blog That Ate Manhattan.

My friend Tom, although he sits opposite of me on the political spectrum, posts an enjoyable, well written blog called, Postulations, Ripostes and Verbalisms .

If that’s too far on the right for you, you could boomerang quickly left, far left in fact and read Rosie O’Donnell’s blog which I love because love her or hate her, she’s always honest which I find refreshing. She also personally answers reader questions which I find interesting considering she’s such a huge celebrity.

For when I want to put off doing important things I can waste hours of my life reading various blogs on Bravo TV’s web site. My favorite is written by Andy Cohen, Bravo’s Senior VP of programming and production. Of course if you don’t get Bravo or watch their show’s regularly, then you might not enjoy it as much as I do.

At least a few times a month I check in on Zappy Corleone (obviously not his real name). His blog, Where Date Palms Grow: “An Everyday Account Of Baghdad As I See It” is a perspective on the Iraq war that you can only get from an Iraqi living there. I’m extremely nervous for this man and his family and check in often to see if he’s posted again which means he’s alive.

I also head over to Dooce and she what’s going on in Utah. I find her very amusing. Read her “about this site” page and you’ll know if she’s a blog for you.

Well, I’ve spent about an hour telling you about other blogs because I don’t have time to write an entertaining post myself….I’m a genius, I know. Time to figure out what I’m going to put in the cabinet that used to house my big ass PC tower. I love my MAC. 🙂


2 responses to “A Change Will Do Me Good

  1. thanks!
    I find your blog very refreshing, and you don’t blog everyday, which i would find overwelming, and i don’t have time to read clutter everyday. But of course, you now give me options to read OTHER blogs that might be interesting! Like my time isn’t limited enough! Now you have to spew more fun stuff in my direction! oh, i guess i’m really only commenting, so that you have something to read when your new computer is up (like your emails aren’t backed up enough) so i welcome your refreshing voice/pen back to the internet! peaceout sister

  2. Thanks little b. Hey, you’re officially the first “stranger” to comment on my blog. Until now only friends and family have taken the plunge. I wish I had a prize to give you. Thanks for visiting and reading!

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