Back In The Saddle

I’m driving to PA today. Back to the land of pop (not soda), yunz (not you) and Stillers (not the Steelers). I will specifically be in Canonsburg and if I think about it, I’ll drive a little out of my way and head into Houston, PA where the word’s ugliest house is – it’s an Ode To The Pittsburgh Steelers House and it shocks the shit out of me every time I drive by it. Maybe I’ll take a picture and post it – do I need permission to post a picture of someone’s house? Is there a rule on this? It’s just very black and gold and wrong, yet, I can’t help being impressed by this homeowner’s loyalty.

The Mac switch is almost complete. Funny – so much stuff I thought I needed but don’t. I’m sure I’ll be sweating like a whore in church in a few months when I’m desperately searching for a file that I created in Microsoft Publisher, but until then I will happily live in denial in my new iMac world. What does the “i” stand for anyway? iPod. iMac. iPhone. i don’t get it.

***Warning*** Now that I’ve switched to mac, when I log on to typepad to create these posts, the spell check button is gone!! This is bad. Very bad. I went to school for speech pathology where we learned to spell using the phonetic alphabet. Add to that my history of bad spelling and my dependency on computers that automatically check and correct spelling errors and look out! Spelling problems on this blog could sky rocket! I’ll have to buy myself a T-shirt and start a club.



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