Better Eating For Life

This Saturday I’m giving a FREE talk from 2:00 – 3:00 at The Common Market about whole grains. The Co-op is kicking off a year long community education series which involves implementing the Better Eating For Life Program written by Mary Saucier Choate, M.S., R.D., L.D, a food and nutrition educator at the Co-op Food Stores located in Hanover and Lebanon, NH. I’ll be on hand this Saturday to answer questions and give tips on getting more whole grains into your diet.

I really like this program. Not only is it well written but functional and easy to follow. Each month a different topic is featured such that by making one change per month you can, in one year, completely upgrade your diet to a better, more healthier regimen. These changes should not only improve your blood pressure, glucose and energy levels, but also your cholesterol and stabilize your weight as well.

By only focusing on one change per month, you can educate yourself, shop and cook differently without getting overwhelmed. The other feature of this program that I love is that the author gives you the names of products to purchase. Telling you to eat more whole grains is easy. Showing you what to specifically buy makes this a program one you’re more likely to follow.   

So stop by this Saturday if you’re in Frederick. For you out of town readers, download a pdf copy of this month’s focus on whole grains and start eating better for life. 


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