I’m starting to feel bad for Rosie O’Donnell.  She’s on a show called The View and she’s paid, albeit required, to state her view, yet she gets slammed every time she opens her mouth. I was watching Jay Leno bash President Bush and Donald Trump’s comb-over in an opening monologue a few nights ago. He didn’t get even a mention in the press or put under a microscope for doing the exact same thing Rosie did.

So my inner feminist is starting to get a little riled here.  Why do women always get slammed for doing exactly what men do?  Why is a woman only popular when deemed the "Queen of Nice"? Why is a woman only allowed to be controversial when she’s being comical? I guarantee you if Rosie wasn’t on a popular show and was instead doing stand-up and making comments about Star Jones, Donald Trump or American Idol no one would give a shit.

I don’t care whether you like Rosie O’Donnell or not. Just don’t be so freaked out because she speaks her mind. I’m tired of assertive women being labeled aggressive or outspoken women being deemed bitchy.  Enough.  It’s 2007.  Don’t be so fucking surprised that a woman has an opinion. 



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