No Flour – No Problem

I decided to give up flour for Lent. Not carbs, mind you. Flour. I can eat as many carbohydrates as I want, as long as they are whole grains.

So no pizza last night with the kids, no cookies yesterday at my daughter’s school Valentine’s party (we had a ton of snow days recently and had to postpone the festivities). No thick, crusty, artisan bread to go with my soup (that one’s really tough).

What I’m finding to be a pain in the ass is not the removing of flour from my diet as much as the lack of convenience foods that I can simply grab and eat. For example, I have a lot of crackers in my pantry, but only Trisquits and other “quilted” type crackers are made from crushed wheat instead of wheat flour. I wanted to eat crackers and humus, but since there were no Triscuits I couldn’t have that snack. Finally I jammed a spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth and walked away. Later that day when I got hungry I grabbed a container of grape tomatoes. The next day the only quick snack I could find was an apple and some cheese.

Apparently Mother Nature realized that her flock would need to be able to eat on the run and she made foods that naturally pop out of the ground that you can eat…as is! No prepping, or cooking is required. And you don’t even have to remove any outside packaging because they come with their own wrapping! Holy shit!

I’m giving a talk later today on portion control at The Common Market for their Better Eating For Life Series. One of the talking points is how nature, besides giving you convenience foods, also provides perfect portions of food as opposed to the humans that make food. And even if you do come across a oversized apple, pepper or banana, I don’t think many folks are endangering their health due to pigging out in the produce aisle.

I’m heading to the grocery store today to stock up on oatmeal, granola, and other whole grain snacks because I love being able to grab a carb on the go. I’ll also be sure to cook up a big bowl of grains to keep in my fridge to eat as needed, but I can certainly see why giving up processed carbs helps you to lose weight. When you can’t quickly grab a processed carb to satisfy your hunger, you tend to grab healthier replacements or find that honestly, you’re not that hungry anyway.

So fingers crossed. I’m only on day four and rumor has it that the Girl Scout cookies I ordered will be here soon.


3 responses to “No Flour – No Problem

  1. Why are you participating in Lent? I thought the organized religions didn’t offer you any true sense of peace or self. Explain yourself.

  2. I thought by participating in Lent your husband wouldn’t think I was a heathen. I worry about his opinion of me. If word got back to the Vatican that he knew me Lord only knows what might become of him. 🙂

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