Elizabeth Edwards

I’m really on the fence regarding John Edward’s decision to stay in the election.

The "feminist-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar" aspect of my personality wants to yell out, "You go, girl!  Don’t let cancer get you down.  That’s right, baby.  Keep on keeping on!"

But the "mom" in me is saying, "What the fuck?  You have very young children and a currently incurable form of the disease.  For God’s sakes save yourself so you can be around for your family."

The "believer-that-the-universe-will-give-you-signs-again-and-again-until-you-get-the-picture" part of me notices that every time her husband runs for President, she gets cancer.  Hmm….coincidence?  If the culmination of the last presidential race showed up in her body as cancer and the start of this race shows up in her body as cancer – how far will her body breakdown over the course of the next year?

The "registered democrat" in me doesn’t believe I would vote for her husband anyway, so just drop out now and save this fight for another time.

The "proud American" in me wants a President that’s not bogged down by the stress of worrying or, worse case scenario, grief.  The next Prez is going to inherit a shit-load of problems. I need this person to be focused.

The "proud wife" in me knows that I would never tell my husband that he couldn’t run but I’d drop a lot of hints and be relieved and happy if he decided to withdraw on his own.  Ultimately it would have to be his decision.

The "kid" in me acknowledges that even though I’m 38, I still need and love my mommy so I can’t imagine those kids burying their’s. 

I really thought he’d drop out. 


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