Elizabeth Edwards – Clarification

I published the Elizabeth Edward’s post last night.  It is below in it’s original form, or click here to read it before diving into this post.  After further reflection I feel the need to clarify something I said.

I don’t think running for President causes cancer in your loved ones.

I just find it interesting that she gets diagnosed with cancer every time her husband runs for the highest of all offices in the land.  I don’t know her personally nor her medical history but it would be interesting to know if Mrs. Edwards experienced more sickness in general when her husband ran for any office. Does the stress of traveling and juggling family/campaign duties negatively affect her health in some way and make her more subject to ailments in general? I certainly can’t prove this theory – just a thought I was having.

I’ve never run for anything other than high school student council.  I can only imagine the pace one keeps to run for office, the stress that trickles down to the family and the negative affects that stem from that stress.

My point was that if her last cancer diagnosis came at the END of a stressful run for President and her recent cancer diagnosis came at the BEGINNING of this run for President, does that ultimately make it more difficult for her to fight her cancer?

And lastly, let me further clarify why I was on the fence in the first place.  I think Mrs. Edwards is an amazing role model for anyone suffering from cancer. Yet I also think that their decision to continue with the campaign pushes women even closer to an unreachable ideal.  Women are so lousy at caring for themselves. So guilt ridden and judgmental and frankly, illogical when it comes to really knowing when to say yes and when to say no.  Just take a moment and see if you have a enough fingers to count how many women you personally know that could benefit from a course in self-care or an all-day workshop entitled, “How To Say No, Mean It And Not Give A Damn”

Maybe Elizabeth Edwards has a ton of resources to help her so that she can care for herself, her family can be taken care of and her husband can run for office.  If that’s the case, her decision makes a little more sense to me, but regardless of her resources, the question I’m really posing is this…

Did she inspire us to challenge ourselves and what we believe we’re capable of accomplishing, or simply raise the bar even higher and set us all up for failure by creating standards that simply can’t be met?

What do you think?


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