I was in a yoga class last week when the instructor mentioned that the front of the body was “masculine” and the back was the body’s “feminine” side. Interesting.

I think too much in yoga anyway, struggling to focus only on my breath and not the fact that the girl beside me is sweating so bad her feet are perspiring or that the guy in the front of the room’s ujjayi breathing makes him sound like Darth Vadar, so sharing any thought provoking information with me, isn’t always smart.

I started thinking about about the masculine/feminine thing and suddenly all body image issues made perfect sense. Boobs like men are okay to be “out there” but butts like women should mind their place and keep quiet, stay small, maybe even disappear? Is this why women will wear a low cut v-neck tunic shirt to reveal her cleavage but tug on it incessantly to ensure that she’s covering up her ass? Do men like big tits but not big asses because they’re drawn to the masculine, front side of a women’s body? You know a “like attracts like” type of thing? If the opposite were true would women walk the earth buttoned up to their neck but wearing thongs?

Or maybe, I was thinking too much in order to forget the fact that utkatasana otherwise known as the dreaded “chair pose” makes my knees hurt so bad I want to cry.


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