Rosie VS. Elizabeth

If you catch The View you know that Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck have opposing political views. Yet when they’re not talking politics they seem to get along. They claim to get along. They probably do get along.

Two women that get along even though they don’t think alike? Could it really be? Is it even possible?

Oh for God’s sake, close your mouth and don’t look so shocked. Lots of women agree to disagree. I have many good friends that don’t think or vote or worship like me. We get along. When we talk politics or religion we tend to know when to stop talking. Sometimes we’ll even say…”Well this is getting ugly – I think it’s time to change the subject,” and we’ll move on to another topic. These are people that I highly respect, love, admire. They just don’t see the world as I see it.

I don’t think Rosie and Elizabeth are ever going to convince the other to join them on their side of the ideological fence. Not because their conversations are merely good for ratings, but because fundamentally at their core, they are very different women.

Elizabeth is literally a survivor. Her claim to fame is making the final four on the second season of the television show, Survivor which is how she got noticed and a shot at the View’s co-hosting gig in the first place. Survivors don’t just live, they outlive everyone else while overcoming extreme obstacles. If you’re a survivor, national security will be your number one concern and you’ll fully support your government to do whatever is needed to ensure it. Corners can be cut. Promises can be broken. The truth be damned for the ends justify the means along as she survives.

But if you’re an artist, like Rosie, then the truth is all that matters to you. You can’t act, or do stand up or take photographs and ignore the truth, for it’s the truth that makes it art. Artists express their truth, no matter how ugly or bizarre or shocking. It is the artist’s foremost concern because everything they create comes from truth. Because of this, they’re willing to risk everything, even their own security to reveal it.

We’re all a little bit survivor and little bit artist. Maybe whether you find yourself backing Camp-Rosie or Camp-Hasselbeck says a lot about who you are at your core. In fact, wouldn’t it be interesting if we all took a moment and thought about what we’d personally risk for the truth and what we are willing to release to guarantee our survival. Underneath all the rhetoric, aren’t those the two fundamental questions that we need to be asking? Each viewpoint is not only noble and valid but conflicting therefore important to ask of ourselves.

At this point, the only thing Rosie and Elizabeth will agree on is to disagree and luckily for us, they discuss these differences publicly which inspires the rest of us to have a dialogue on our own. I hope they get to continue their conversation indefinitely. It’s much more interesting than if they all simply sat there blowing smoke up each others asses and agreeing with one another. And maybe the longer we all get to watch, the less newsworthy it’ll be when strong women express differing opinions. Who knows, maybe someday it’ll not only be accepted, but expected.

Imagine that.


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