Don Imusbehigh…

I haven’t been completely following the Don Imus debacle. I spent the weekend with a computer that accessed the internet via a dial up connection. I thought my head would explode from checking email so surfing the net to catch up on news was out of the question. So no I didn’t hear every comment or rebuttal but I think I’ve heard enough to have an opinion so here goes.

Don, what the hell were you thinking? You claim to be a good person that said a bad thing. Let’s tell the truth. You’re a confident guy that got cocky. That’s what got you into trouble. In fact, that’s what gets most rich, famous, white guys into trouble. Did you begin to believe your own hype? Was your normal cynicism not pushing enough buttons? Perhaps you thought because you mumble, folks wouldn’t really hear you? Maybe you really are a racist and it finally “slipped out”? Or maybe you simply thought you were untouchable and you stopped thinking before you spoke. Maybe you got lazy and figured you just plop your ass down and bullshit with your listeners and not properly prepare so as to actually inform and entertain them.

That being said Don, I do VERY MUCH appreciate that you didn’t suddenly claim to be an alcoholic and go into rehab. You simply owned up to being an asshole and since there aren’t any 12-step programs for that, sometimes a public ass kicking is just what the doctor ordered.

Note To Al Sharpton: You claim that, “Somewhere, we must draw the line in what is tolerable in mainstream media. “We cannot keep going through offending us and then apologizing and then acting like it never happened.” Al, you have every right to be enraged. But here’s an idea. Be enraged when ANYONE speaks down to a black woman, even rappers and comedians. If you want to change what’s tolerable in mainstream media, then don’t lower the bar for black men who participate in and profit from it.

And lastly, I can’t help but wonder, if he had just called them “Ho’s” what would have happened? Would the outrage be as great? Was it the racist part of the remark or the disrespecting of an entire gender that’s pissing everyone off? I bet it’s more about the racism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for ending racism, but as a woman, let me be clear. “Ho” is not acceptable. And don’t give me some shit that Ho is better because it’s slang and you’re not actually saying the word “whore”. It’s up there with bitch, biatch, slut and the c-word.

These terms are so unacceptable, I don’t throw them around in conversation even though as a woman, I could. I don’t say, “Hey Ho’s,” when I walk into the PTA meeting or “What’s up Bitch?” when I sit down to get my hair cut “How you doing, Slut?” while at work. Similarly, when I see men I know, I don’t refer to them as Bastards or Dickheads. Where did I learn this? It’s this crazy shit I picked up back in kindergarten when I ate glue. Apparently I need to treat others the way I want to be treated. So Al, you go right ahead and go after Don, but while you’ve got everyone’s attention, use it to give everyone a good tongue lashing because unless I’m mistaken there are quite a few in your camp that deserve a good talking to as well.

Picture taken by Justin de Villeneuve and can be ordered from his web site.


One response to “Don Imusbehigh…

  1. Lisa N in Frederick

    And today he’s canned. Such a double-standard in our society. I don’t like the guy but I don’t think he’s deserving of everything he’s getting now! Your remarks to Sharpton are spot on.

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