Judy, Judy, Judy…

Today I was reading my local paper when I came across this letter to the editor. If you remember, I blogged about the tragic death of a 4 children and their father a few weeks ago. To just clarify, they have yet to find the mother and because the family immigrated here from El Salvador, the coverage continued as the bodies were sent back to Central America and buried. For about 2 weeks there was usually 1 article in the paper per day regarding this story. Certainly not the same amount of coverage giving to Imus or Brittney, but a fair amount of reporting and above the fold space was given to this story. So today I saw this letter to the editor:

LETTERS To the Editor
Sick of headlines on the deaths of local immigrants
How many more headlines about these immigrants do the people of Frederick have to endure? Is it a bad news day? I frankly don’t care if they are in heaven or not. They came into this country, never learned our language, and never stopped having children when they could not care for the ones they had. Your newspaper should focus on the dead coming back from Iraq and the fraud going on in the Bush White House. Please, I and most of Frederick are sick of your headlines.

How about that shit? Here was my response that I just emailed to my paper this morning:

Did anyone else notice the irony of Judy Kraynek’s amazingly heartless letter being right next to the commentary by Sam Bennett calling for more participation with the Frederick County Human Relations Commission? Judy, unless Kraynek is Native American for “one that speaks without thinking,” I’m guessing your ancestors came from someplace far away as well. I’m not sure what shocks me the more – the fact that you would even think these thoughts or that you think it’s okay to not only say them out loud but share them with the entire readership of this newspaper. Judy, an entire family from our community is gone. Certainly we can spare a few inches in our local paper to cover this tragedy. Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s stop printing rude letters from bigoted, insensitive readers such as yourself to make the space.
Linda Pruce, Frederick

I kept it clean for the readers of the Frederick New Post, but since blogs are like the HBO of opinionated correspondence – allow me to add, FUCK YOU JUDY! How dare you even attempt to speak for me.

There, now I REALLY feel better.

Wait, that’s mean. But it’s the truth. What’s a blogger to do? Screw you? Is that better? I guess perhaps I shouldn’t take it so personally. I don’t know her. I’m sure she has good qualities. Hopefully her expressing herself and whatever backlash she receives from it will help her evolve and be more open minded and kind.


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