Knock It Off

Attention Media Moguls: Stop showing the pictures of Seung-Hui Cho pointing a gun at the camera. I don’t want a gun pointed at me. You’re glorifying a mad man and that’s wrong. Show me the photo of the Holocaust survivor that died or the co-eds. Tell me about the RA that everyone loved and adored. Don’t give the mentally deranged dude any more air time.

Yesterday Craig Scott, a Columbine survivor whose sister Rachel was killed in that shooting, was on Oprah. He travels the country talking about and trying to stop school violence and agrees with my sentiments above. Why? Because studying the shooter and learning ways to prevent violence is one thing. Focusing on the shooter gives others like him a hero to idolize. A record to break. But the more you talk about the victims and humanize the story the more you can grab someone’s attention and change the outcome when another young man contemplates going out in a “blaze of glory”.

Mr. Scott stated that a student handed him his “hit list” after one of his talks and decided not to go forward with his own plans to massacre others. Apparently the more you humanize a situation, the less detached a person becomes.

I don’t want to glance at the TV and look down the barrel of 9-mm gun. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Knock it off.


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