Blogging Smogging

I haven’t been in a blogging mood – hence no new posts for a while. I was going to force myself to blog today, pull something, anything out of my ass. I have a funny story about my dad to share and there’s the neighbor boy that peed in the water gun fill up bucket and of course there’s always something asinine going on in the news to discuss. But alas, I just wasn’t inspired.

Then today my prayers were answered. The Blog That Ate Manhattan is hosting grand rounds this week so by simplying pinging TBTAM I can safely direct you to a shit load of cool medical blogs written by actual medical professionals. NICE. (Yes I realize that I pinged TBTAM last post, but what can I say – it’s a great blog!)

There’s a cool diabetes blog for any of you diabetics out there. There’s an insightful blog about the war from a surgeon that served in Vietnam. There’s a link about the radiation risks to all over CT scans and tons more.

Truth be told, my motto is Work Smart Not Hard! Why reinvent the wheel? Why rehash someone else’s post? Why write, edit, and write some more when I can just send you to the source? So head on over to TBTAM’s site and dig in. You know you want to.


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