Kids and Computers

They say that kids shouldn’t spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I agree. But perhaps kids shouldn’t be left alone with cameras either. Once my daughter Jarin got her hands on my digital camera with it’s nifty view finder that can be angled so she could watch herself as she takes her own pictures, well, my life hasn’t been the same. For a few years now I would download pictures onto my computer and see that I had 75 pictures to import when I was expecting maybe 20 at most. I wouldn’t know that Jarin had taken 55 pictures of herself in various poses.

Serious Jarin. Happy Jarin. Angry Jarin. Jarin blowing a bubble. Jarin blowing a bubble with her spit. Melodramtic Jarin with her hand across her forehead. You get the idea. Luckily these photos are digital and not on regular film that one must pay to develop. Eventually the novelty wore off but once we got our Mac with its nifty camera embedded monitor and cool features, the kids went crazy again. With photobooth you can take a picture and turn yourself into a negative, a Warhol inspired piece of art, or distort your entire face like you’re trapped in a carnival fun house.

I decided to organize my photos this morning only to find that I have over 800 photobooth pictures on my computer! Holy shit! I’ve got photos of my kids, their friends, the neighbor kids and from the looks of things possibly a few aliens. All I can say is, if they figure out how to podcast – I’m screwed.


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