Moon Lounge

We had another Moon Lounge on Saturday. This go around we added a bunch of new questions per round all but guaranteeing that you could come to 10 moon lounges and never get the same question twice. Unless of course the universe is trying to tell you something, then you may get that same pesky question every time.

As usual the Moon Lounge is at it’s best when you’re open to the process, the group you’re in, the folks you’re surrounded by, and the questions you get. The more you try to control the moon lounge, the less optimal the outcome.

Case in point. We start the ML by drawing numbers to determine which group a person will be in. We set up groupings around the room marked by large throw pillows, coffee tables and candles – giving it a lounge feel but requiring folks to sit on the floor. I happened to glance over at one gal, I’ll call her Carol, and watched her beg another person to “switch numbers with her”. She didn’t want to move. She liked that she was already seated at that particular table and could comfortably lean against the back wall of the room. She wanted to be near the window in case she got hot. She was making sure to stay exactly where she was.

“You realize that you’re fucking with the universe, right Carol?” I asked.

“Yea, yea. Whatever. I’m staying here. I’ll take my chances,” she replied.

“Fine. I’m just saying that if the universe wanted you at this table you would have drawn that number,” I reminded her.

“I’m staying,” she said.

And stay she did. Until round 2 when she scurried over like a cock roach to my group.

“It was ugly over there,” Carol stated. “I think I really pissed some people off with some of my answers.”

“See. I told you, don’t fuck with the universe!” I said with a laugh.

“You were right. Those people really didn’t appreciate me. I’m staying here. I can lean against this wall and I might even try to sit Indian style without complaining.”

Now the interesting thing is that I know Carol and most of the gals that were in that group. They are all nice, funny, open minded and considerate. Perhaps it was a bad pairing on a bad night or certain people shouldn’t discuss certain topics? Maybe Carol was exaggerating or misinterpreted how the group felt about her. Maybe I jinxed her. Who knows. Or maybe that was the lesson she needed to learn. I learn something every moon lounge and always get good questions to answer. Here are a few that I received.

Would I give up all my material possessions to receive complete spiritual enlightenment?
NO. I don’t believe in heroic measures to understand the inner workings of the universe. I don’t feel that I have to be a cloistered nun or a self-flagellating member of Opus Dei to deserve spiritual knowledge. I think you can be one with God and pay your mortgage.

If you could invite 3 people living or dead to lunch, who would you choose and why?
Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Hitler. Jesus and Mary M because, well hell, don’t you want to know, too? Trust me I’m asking. Did they? Didn’t they? And if they did, how was it?

Hitler because, imagine that conversation. “Hey Hitler. You killed 6 million Jews. Jesus here was a Jew. Any thoughts on that, J.C.?” I want to see Hitler’s face when Jesus bitch slaps him.

“Hey, Jesus. From what I’ve been told about you, you’re the Prince Of Peace, so you’ll forgive him, anyway, right? How does one even get to that level of forgiveness when justice seems to be all that would matter. I’m really curious.”

Then just for laughs and giggles.

“If we could have the final word on Conservative Christians. Lots of folks in your name by the way, claim that you get to heaven through grace not deeds. So the Dali Lama is going to hell, but as long as someone finds you because apparently you have no sense of direction and get lost all of the time, they’re in. Thoughts? Comments? Whoa there Jesus. Easy, there buddy, you’re choking on your wine. By all means, take a moment to catch your breath before you answer.

The gals in my group said that I should just ask Mary M the questions because she’s probably one of the main architects of the early Christian church, anyway. Good point. Regardless, imagine what you could learn if the ultimate symbol of evil sat and chatted with the ultimate symbol of goodness. You’d learn a hell of a lot more than if you’d invite your 3 favorite celebrities over, that’s for sure.

I had lots of other cool questions and heard lots of terrific, surprising and interesting answers. It’s so much better than talking about the same old, same old, kids/husband/job topics. It’s always more fun when you connect with folks on a deeper level.

There’s another one in July. If you’re in Frederick, stop on by.


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