Am I speaking Greek?

I love my kids, really I do – but when as a parent will I be able to give an instruction and have it followed without any help or input from me?


We had a bunch of people coming over to christen our new patio/pergola on Saturday night. That meant, of course, that the house needed to be cleaned, food needed to be prepared, margaritas needed to be mixed, beer needed to be iced down and because I’m the type of hostess that goes out of her way, the bathrooms needed to be stocked. I asked my youngest, Jarin, to, “Stack about 6 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom.”

About 30 minutes later I walked past the powder room to find this.


What the fuck?


3 responses to “Am I speaking Greek?

  1. Thank you for the laugh!! The stacked tp was way too funny. To answer your question when they move out and have kids of their own.

  2. How funny is this! Great looking pergola, BTW…What are you going to have climb up it?

  3. There’s a teeny, tiny wisteria growing on one of the columns. I need to get a second one growing – I think I’ll stop by the nursery this week and grab it. I’ll let you know when I have some serious coverage.

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