Successful Women Haters Club


I just finished reading an article about all the people that now hate Paula Deen, the popular host of Paula’s Home Cooking which airs on The Food Network. Apparently they think her accent is fake, her obnoxious use of butter is life threatening and her diamond ring too large and gaudy.

Really? Seriously? Come on! With all the problems in the world, a person’s biggest beef is with Paula Deen? I guess it’s to be expected since there’s already a Rachel Ray Sucks club and a Giada Delaurentiis backlash along with the always fervent Martha misgivings (which have certainly died down since her stint in the slammer) and of course, the always constant Rosie and Oprah haters bringing up the rear.

Does Paula Dean use too much butter? Sure. And yes, I’ve had bowel movements smaller than her diamond, but I like the lady. She’s fun and exuberant and a great example of how food is more than just fuel. Food is love and comfort and your history and connects you to others. The reason she hasn’t had a massive coronary is because she truly loves every buttery, fried morsel.

Although it’s doubtful that she’ll live to be 100, she will enjoy every minute that she has on this planet. This exuberance and positive attitude may help her to out live the health nut that begrudgingly eats steamed veggies while sipping lemon water after a 20 mile run because hating yourself to healthy isn’t always healthy, people. Wellness needs to be balanced with fun and that’s what Paula Deen teaches us every time we tune in. And frankly, to overcome agoraphobia the way she did and create a culinary empire one sandwich at a time, is pretty damn impressive. Do we suddenly have to hate her because she’s filthy rich and happy?


Perhaps you can hate Rachel Ray some more. Then again, I challenge you to make one of her meals in less than 30 minutes because it’s damn tough. Yea she talks with her hands too much, but she’s learning and getting better and I dare any one of you to attempt to have a popular daytime television show while cooking, interviewing, listening, talking and trying to be entertaining. Thank you Rachel for showing us how to be more effective in our kitchens and more intuitive while we cook. When you can “eye ball it” in the kitchen, you can better wing it in other areas of life.

Now to Giada, another chef everyone loves to hate. Does she show too much cleavage? Sure, but admit it, if you had her figure, you’d show more cleavage as well. What I love about Giada is that she is living proof that you can eat Italian food and not be the size of a Volkswagen. Yes she’s naturally petite, but if you portion your food properly nothing is off limits. Anyone that encourages me to put cheese on my crusty bread while speaking Italian is okay in my book. The fact that she’s beautiful and has a waist, well hell, what do you care? It seems to me that people hate her because she dares to have it all and look good while doing it. If she was 100 pounds heavier with a hairy mole on her nose, all would be well in the world.

I’ve said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again, I truly believe that once a woman gets a little too much, the backlash starts. If she’s too rich, too pretty, too famous, or too successful, she needs to be taken down a notch. I don’t see men treated the same way. Where’s the George Clooney or Brad Pitt backlash? Why don’t the masculine heads of major hollywood studios or fortune 500 companies get picked on for having too much?

Or maybe the foodies are just extreme folks that don’t like famous TV chefs as much as the quieter, not so famous ones? I must admit the same folks hating the food network ladies hate the food network men just as much. Perhaps my estrogen is clouding my judgement on this topic, but it seems to me that the women have to wade through a bigger pile of horseshit than the men do.

Author’s Note: I forgot to link to the article I read about Mrs. Deen and now I can’t find it.


18 responses to “Successful Women Haters Club

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  2. You’re right of course. We bitches love to hate other bitches. But c’mon how can you stand those fake knife chopping sounds on Giada’s show? And that fake smile?

    I do like Rachel, and she’s on her way to being the next Oprah.

    Paula? Love her.

    But what about Hillary? Maybe she should get a cooking show and we’ll really find out what American women think of her….

  3. I’m thinking it’s because her grandpa is a big time movie producer – she must care more about production values than the other food network stars. If you ever get a chance, watch Food Network’s “before they were stars” type show about her. Her early episodes before she comfortable in front of the camera – believe it or not she never smiled at all. She looked down right mean. Interesting.

    It’s funny, I watch Paula Dean ALL the time, but I’ve NEVER made any of her recipes now that I think about it – but I’ve enjoyed many of Giada’s recipes. Then again, I’m a sucker for anything Italian…food, the language, the swear words, you name it. Hey see if she’s as famous over there when you visit next month.

    I’m trying to picture Hilary in the kitchen…hmm….

  4. I don’t know why anyone would hate Martha. Anyone who can make a billion dollar empire by making nick nacks, cooking, and setting things out just right should be universally praised in my opinion. It just proves the old saying that nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Why women hate other women isn’t too hard to understand from a biological standpiont though. Women have to compete with each other to get the best men. Since women aren’t made to want losers or even average guys, they are naturally at each others throats over the best guys. Men don’t compete like that with each other. We just want as many suitable women as we can get. So if a guy gets one we just look for another. When you think about it, people are about the same as they were when we were cavemen. We just substituted cars for animal skins and income potential for hunting skill.

  5. Good point. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m usually not impressed with celebrities and can care less about them, but Paula Deen is one person I would love to meet. The lady cracks me up.
    This sums it up for me: “frankly, to overcome agoraphobia the way she did and create a culinary empire one sandwich at a time, is pretty damn impressive. Do we suddenly have to hate her because she’s filthy rich and happy?”
    Let’s also remember that she helped launch the careers of her 2 sons and her brother..all of which are successful. Seems like a great lady who wants to share her happiness. Paula Deen is rich in many ways!

  7. Why don’t you remove the first comment – from “Mark Vane” – a blatant and obvious post just to get his pissy link on your site – but has nothing to do with your post? Americans – do we really need them?

  8. I agree with you – it was a lame attempt at getting some clicks – however, at the time I received this comment, I had no problem giving Mark a plug and letting him have his moment. Call it a gut feeling. My spam blocker usually catches these things for me but this one slipped through and I figured it did so for a reason so I kept it. Ironically, this post, per my blog stats, is my most read post. However, I don’t believe that anyone has ever actually clicked on this link. So there you have it – he’s received no traffic from me.

    As for not needing Americans, well…I am one as is my husband, my kids, and all of my family members and the majority of my friends, so yeah, actually, I really do need them. But it’s cool if you don’t.

    Have a good one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to post.

  9. I have to admit, I have a secret girl crush on Giada. Seriously, I would just love to have her as friend – I think she’s adorable and I love how she pronounces all the Italian words when she’s cooking. The “haters” are all just jealous.

  10. Virgil E. Koon

    I am unsure why it asks for a website just to voice an opinion? What are they really asking for.. we have to be commercial? Virgil

    • I have no idea. I always viewed it as a positive thing as it perhaps would get people to my blog. So just curious, what opinion did you want to express here? Would love to hear it. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. To put it mildly, ALL women are no good. They’re haters of men. I’ve never met any woman whom was sincere, had an ounce of love in their heart and whom wasn’t trying to manipulate a man.

  12. Shit, Mike, your comment has been here since July and I’m just seeing it now. I must have been too busy, manipulating men to respond. I’m sorry you feel that way, man. That must suck to not trust anyone on the planet with a vagina. But, thanks for putting it mildly. Seriously. I can’t imagine the words you’d use if you put it severely so I appreciate the restraint.

    • My post was actually supposed to go on another site with a similar name. It’s content has no relation to the subject being discussed here on this forum/blog. Perhaps it will be appropiate if you remove my initial post Your response certainly made me chuckle! And so I will try to make my point in an amusing way via sharing this vid :

      Respectfully I apologize to you and your readers.

      • No worries, Mike. This is a great example of how what seems like an obstacle becomes an opportunity – having the chance to watch a 3 Stooges Episode makes you okay in my book. Thanks for reaching out and getting that I was joking when I replied to you. If it’s okay with you, I say lets leave the comments as is so that others can stumble on the Stooges too and have a good laugh, too.

  13. Thank you! I did,or do,appreciate the attitude behind the words…in fact rather “refreshing” would be more aptly said.

  14. I agree with Giada that portion control is the key. Nothing is off limits for me and I eat several times a day and maintain my weight within a pound or two. Don’t expect to maintain your weight using a foot tub for a bowl and a pizza pan for a plate.

  15. I have Pioneer Woman. Giada is just freaking cartoonish.

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