Thinking Blogger Awards


The Blog That Ate Manhattan, nominated me for a thinking blogger award. Thanks TBTAM! I’m honored not only for being nominated but by the way that TBTAM describes me stating that I am, “into the whole woman’s empowerment thing, yet remain completely normal”.

BRILLIANT as that has always been the goal!

By being nominated, it’s customary to pass along this award to other blogs, so here goes. The blogs that make me think.

The Blog That Ate Manhattan – Right back at you TBTAM. I learn about women’s medical issues/treatments, how to be a better consumer of medical information and get cool recipes to try. More importantly, I’ve learned how to properly maintain my blog by reading this one, i.e., be accurate, fair, funny, quote and give credit, answer when someone comments, etc. Oh and add pictures when you can. I purposefully copy from TBTAM and my blog has evolved because of it.

Rosie: I LOVE this blog. It’s interesting and weird and smart and great and not so great and that’s why I love it. It’s honest. Sometimes she hits. Sometimes she misses but she tells her truth as she sees it, even though she knows she’ll get shit for it. Love her or hate her, you’ve gotta respect her for that. I’m shocked that she’s so news worthy and that every thing she posts ends up being reported on by entertainment news shows (and by entertainment news shows I mean you, FOX NEWS).

The Huffington Post: Being the moderate-liberal that I am, I dig this blog. I’m not sure if it makes me think as much as it reiterates the way I already think, since I agree with a lot of what’s written there. But Sam Harris blogs on that site in lieu of having his own blog and DAMN that guy makes me think a ton so I’ll give the credit to The Huffington Post

Intuitive Creativity: Again, I’m breaking the rules here. This blog doesn’t make me think as much as it makes me feel. I love the collage art and the fact that it stirs something up within me. Check it out when you have a chance.

Feminist Bitch: She’s bold. She’s brassy. She takes a stand and doesn’t care who she pisses off. I dig that about the FemBitch. I wish I were more brassy and bitchy sometimes when it comes to blogging about my belief system. Definitely gets me thinking and my blood boiling by pushing all of my feminist buttons when I get a little too reticent.

So those are my awards – If you blog and have some thinkers to thank, spread the love.


4 responses to “Thinking Blogger Awards

  1. One cannot possibly use the word honest and Rosie in the same sentence. Unless of course, one’s definition of honesty includes extreme leftist accusations with nary a shred of proof. I don’t believe that Rosie is a liar in as much as I consider her to be just plain dumb. She is newsworthy because of the leftist bombs she throws without ever having to back them up. Its truly sad that so many take her seriously.

    At least Coulter is willing to go on liberal news shows and defend herself. Rosie would never dream of going on anything conservative because she would get ripped to shreds thus revealing her as the unintelligent, America hating, hypocritical loud mouth buffoon she really is. An anti-Coulter if you will.

    You ever wonder why the Fox News Shows consistently kick the shit out of all the other cable news channel’s shows. It’s because every other media outlet is rife with liberal bias. If these other outlets were to be fairer in presenting both sides, Fox would lose its pre-eminence.

  2. I said that she told HER truth not THE truth and certainly not MY truth. HER TRUTH. I don’t have to agree with someone to respect them for putting themself out there. You blog – you know what it takes to risk pissing people off with your opinions.

    And unlike Ann, she puts it out FOR FREE for anyone that wants to hear it. She might not go on conservative shows, but she doesn’t go on liberal ones either, refusing interviews to both sides because she’s willing to put it all on her blog for anyone that wants to know her point of view. When she posts her questions/comments she posts the negative remarks that she receives as well – not just the positive posts.

    Please don’t even think about defending crazy Ann to me or Fox News. I will defend Dennis Miller and his Miller Time segment. He’s a fair conservative and I dig that about him – he’s not afraid to change his mind and be honest about where he’s coming from. He’s not some jackass screaming at his guests and I really respect that, even if I don’t agree with him all the time.

    At this point, John Stewart’s the only guy I’m tuning in for – all the rest, both liberal and conservative are nothing but a huge pain in the ass if you ask me.

    Becareful – all that koolaid you’re drinking is going to stain your tongue.

    On a separate note – when’s the next time you’ll be WASHPA? John and I are having a party, if you’re in town you should come. Email me and let me know if you’re heading north in July.

  3. Thank-you for this esteemed honor! I have been noticing your award on other blogs.

    Good company indeed!


  4. Hey, thanks! And thanks for pointing me to some great blogs – I didn’t know Rosie had one – I love her.

    I’ve been trying to get into the Huffington post, but something about the site overwhelms me and I can’t seem to stay there and read anything. Time to give it another try…

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