Get ready, people…

There’s a big movement happening in my town. Sure lacrosse has been growing around here for years and now that the Beckham’s have come to America professional soccer may finally become a bigger sport in the states, but trust me, the next big thing to take off across the land… Adult Co-Ed Kickball.

Yep, you heard me. Kickball is kicking ass.

My neighbor told me about it last summer. He had been working out and getting in shape for a big game last year. I thought I had heard him wrong, but no. He was talking kickball. They had a league, kept stats and I’m guessing an end of year banquet where they perhaps handed out trophies.

Tomorrow at noon in Baker Park, they’ll mix fun and a good cause when FACKA (Frederick Adult Co-Ed Kickball Association) hosts kickballers from Montgomery County for a charity fundraiser, all-star game.

All-stars? I love it! This league has already grown from 140 to 250 players and they expect to double in size by next year. They now play under the lights, so all the DC commuters have time to get home, eat and s-t-r-e-t-c-h before they throw down on the kickball diamond.

WAKA, otherwise known as the, WORLD adult kickball Association is celebrating it’s 10th year. Soon this will be an olympic event folks and remember that you heard about it here.

I absolutely loved kickball as a kid. It was the one sport that anyone could do and do well. You got picked for teams based on skill not gender. It didn’t matter if you were sporting Welcome Back Kotter, “Up your nose with a rubber hose” knee socks and a Dorothy Hamel haircut. If you could kick it over to the 4-square court or bounce the ball off the monkey bars at Wolfdale School, you were in. Like Flynn.


So take a moment, close your eyes are remember the fun, funky, and twangy, “THWANK” sound of your foot connecting with a red, rubber kickball.




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