Trip Planning

It’s always fun to plan a trip.  Having something to look forward to is exciting, not to mention the interesting tidbits you pick up researching your destination before you go.  I have 2 trips planned and 1 big maybe trip on the horizon:

New Orleans (the big easy that’s hopefully making the big comeback ) in November.

Vegas (what happens there stays there) in December.

Oberammergau (huh?) next summer.  I’ll give you a hint.  This German city is famous for it’s production of the Passion Play every ten years and the NATO school is housed here.  Located in southern Germany, it would give us easy access to northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and if we’re lucky, we can talk our Danish friends into coming down to see us.  We’re trying to decide if we should go.

My oldest is completely on board and up for tours, trying new foods, and navigating unfamiliar languages.  My youngest is the wild card as she’ll only be ten at the time of the trip, but frankly, sometimes you gotta do what others want to do and make your own fun. Every family vacation can’t be Disney World or some overly priced water park.  Besides I think we’re underestimating her because she’s the “baby” of the group.  Perhaps a vacation traipsing around Europe is exactly what we (and she) need to see exactly how grown up she really is.

My last hurdle is the possible itinerary.  Our neighbors are renting a house for the month.  We could stay in Oberammergau and take day trips back and forth, always returning to the same bed, town, and routine thus squeezing in some down time to just hang out and relax.  Or we could start at point A, pass through Oberammergau on to our final point B before heading home. I’m trying to figure out what would be the least taxing. Checking in and out of hotels and lugging all my shit to a million different places, or factoring in lots of travel time to return “home” every night. My problem is that I hate to travel until exhaustion. I tend to go places (with the exception of Disney World) with the understanding that I’ll be back and not have to see it all while I’m there so I leave content with what I did see and not too concerned if I missed some highlights. Considering that I’m not independently wealthy and can’t possible see everything I want to see in the world twice this is ludicrous, or is it?

When I went to Italy I specifically decided not to travel outside Rome because I really felt deep in my bones that I would go back and explore Northern Italy/Tuscany another time.  Here I am two years later, possibly planning a trip to Northern Italy so I guess I was right.

Truth be told, I’m not a big ball of fire when it comes to traveling and I should plan accordingly. It’s been working so far and if I hate moving and grooving from place to place, I can’t imagine dragging my kids with their Lazy Linda DNA floating through their systems around to too many places either.

So I’ll research it, think about it, price it out, think about it some more and decide eventually. Oh, and I’ll daydream. Picturing myself cooling off in a crystal clear lake in Switzerland in July, or taking the world’s greatest chocolate with me to Italy so I can enjoy it with an espresso while I watch gondolas float by is definitely a hell of a motivator.


One response to “Trip Planning

  1. Sounds like great ideas! Especially the Oberammergau trip. Things like that need really good advanced planning because you want everything to go right. If you are able to see something like the passion play, it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if not, you can have a great time enjoying the beautiful scenery of Germany.

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