Deliver Us From Evil

It’s official. With the exception of weddings or funerals I won’t be stepping foot inside a Catholic church ever again. I just watched Deliver Us From Evil, a powerful documentary about the church’s most notorious pedophile, Father Oliver O’Grady.

My husband lasted about 30 minutes before the disturbing details of his molesting and raping children got too much for him. I kept watching because I wanted to get to the part when they discussed the roles of the bishops, cardinals and ultimately the current Pope in the cover-up.

I’m still sort of reeling from watching the damn thing. Too sickened to rant or rave. Too angry about a church that makes fucking proclamations on subjects like yoga but wont protect the children of their own flock.

Check it out and decide for yourself.


2 responses to “Deliver Us From Evil

  1. Yeah, that is one F-ed up story! I just watched it today. I’m not even sure I’ll go for weddings, given that part of the marital vows is to raise the kids in the church (not that my parents kept that one…). Very, very disturbing.

  2. I really should blog about the movie – but it’s still disturbs the shit out of me and I watched it weeks ago. At some point I’ll gather my thoughts and share.

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