100 Calorie Post

Seems like everything is available now in a 100 calorie portion. At first I was disappointed by this development. 100 calories or not, these items are filled with partially hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup which are terrible for your health and due to their high price, lousy for your wallet. So I resisted, but like rabbits in heat, the packs were multiplying. They were EVERYWHERE! Crackers, cookies, microwave popcorn, nuts, candy and cans of pop had been broken down into the perfect portion.

Over the summer I ignored the urge to purchase these items, choosing instead to stick with my organic, healthier stand-bys. Then school started and lunches needed to be packed by 7:00AM and those nifty little pre-packaged morsels started to sing out to me from the grocery store aisles. When they showed up in Costco I really couldn’t resist any longer.

Now, per my calculations, if you’ve been repeatedly squeezing your ass while read this blog, perhaps you’ve burned 100 calories anyway and don’t need to worry about your portions. But if, by chance, you’ve been reading this while guzzling a beer or slurping back a bowl of ice cream, then maybe watching your portions is a smart thing to do.

The bottom line is that teaching folks about portion control is a great thing. As sales of 100 calorie packs continue to soar, the organic, healthy, no high fructose corn syrup/partially hydrogenated fats snacks will soon follow suit. And maybe if we’re lucky, the folks in the restaurant business will take notice and decrease their portions as well.

The great news is that besides getting lunches packed in a timely manner, my kids are learning that a snack is actually that – a snack.  It’s not a meal or an all you can eat buffet but a nibble to tie you over until lunch or dinner is served.

So I’ll lower my up-turned nose and see these products as a silver lining in the perpetual processed food-fog.  But I sure hope that the better for you snack companies, get on board as soon as possible.


2 responses to “100 Calorie Post

  1. Think about it… I want to improve my wealthy illness A joke for you! What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli? Kids won’t eat broccoli.

  2. I’m not sure I’m following you. Maybe I ate too many boogers when I was a kid?

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