Hello Fall


My kids finally had to wear coats yesterday when they left for school. YEAH! Fall is FINALLY here. I’ve been waiting, watching, hoping and praying that it would show.

I’m not a big fan of summer…too hot. I’m not a big fan of winter….too cold. Even spring is just okay in my book. I like the whole rebirth metaphor and all, but to me, fall represents rebirth because it’s when school started each year. You got to go back and be a little different, wiser, maybe even with a better haircut or clearer skin. You had new teachers, and new classes and because I spent my entire summer with my softball team, it was a time to renew friendships and get back to my normal, school-time routine.

So when I feel the crisp wind in my hair and the air starts to smell more like snow instead of a rain forest, I get excited. I pull out my sweaters and boots and pack away all my shitty shorts and summer clothes and breathe easy having survived another summer fashion season.

I love the colors, the textures, the fall produce, and fall foods like chili or stew. I love football games, trick or treating and talking a long drive in the country to look at the leaves. I love candles burning in the evening because it’s darker sooner and the smell of apple cider.

So excuse me while I sit on my back patio, wrapped in a blanket and sip my morning coffee. Fall is finally here!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Hello Fall

  1. I so totally agree. I love a good sweater day.

  2. I love sweater puppies!

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