I would just like to publicly apologize to my neighbors for filling the entire street with smoke. I didn’t know the outdoor fireplace was still smoking. I didn’t know that our cul-de-sac had been turned into a film noir flick set in San Francisco. I didn’t know that neighbors were spilling into the street looking for the source of the smoke.

I figured it out once my neighbor Dave called to tell me that the fire department was outside. You see my bedroom is in the back of the house and the smoke was spilling into the street from the side of my house without windows, which is why the whole thing was out of control. I also didn’t realize, as a gas fireplace owner, that those damn duralogs needed to be almost submerged in water to be completely out.

I must say that the firemen sauntering through the smoke, back lit by their firetruck lights looked pretty cool walking up my front lawn in a visual, film-making kind of way. For a second there, I imagined them in slow motion and began to ponder which type of music would be appropriate. But then I remembered that they were wasting time at my house when a real tragedy could break out at any moment, so I quickly snapped out of it and got serious!

Turns out only a few minutes with our garden hose was all that was required. The firemen didn’t even wait to see if we got it out. They apparently, get this, trusted us and left before the smoke had been completely cleared. Two idiots with a brand new outdoor fire pit – I would have maybe stayed a few minutes and made sure that all was okay before leaving.

So to everyone who had their windows open, SORRY! We’ll do better next time! 🙂


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