Vegas Part Two

After spending a weekend in Vegas I’m curious about something. Who was the jackass a few years back that thought a family-friendly marketing plan for the town nicknamed Sin City was a good idea? Not ever being there, I thought that perhaps they had cleaned up the place similar to how Times Square changed in New York. But then they changed the marketing plan back and Vegas once again became the place where you went to embrace your alter-ego. Where your Dr. Jekyll meets your Mr. Hyde. After spending four days there, I’m positive that this change was a brilliant idea.

For example here we are before Margaritaville:


And After:


No, the camera wasn’t shaking. We were really that blurry in real life, although I would like to point out to past readers of this blog that at the start of the evening, my earrings matched. In my defense, I’d like to publicly say that drinks with straws should be banned. They go down too easy. You end up slurping not sipping and if you mix that with not enough food, well, you know the shit’s going to get ugly. We had gone to Vegas to celebrate our friend, Jim’s 40th birthday. His lovely wife Christina threw him a party at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville located in the Flamingo hotel. The margarita’s were free. I had a few too many. That’s probably where my problems started.

We left the party and hit the casino. After watching my husband gamble for a few minutes I decided to take off and find me my lucky slot machine. I believe it’s after I sit down that the 4 large margarita’s that I sucked back hit me. I was smart enough to gather my things and stop gambling – just not smart enough to find my husband. Thank God for cell phones. I believe the conversation went something like this:

Linda: Gary. Holy Shit. I’m Drunk!

Gary: No kidding!

Linda: And I’m lost.

Gary: What do you mean?

Linda: I can’t find you! I keep walking in circles but I can’t find you.

Gary: Just sit down. Okay, now tell me, what can you see?

Linda: I see slot machines.

Gary: No shit Linda, we’re in a casino. What else do you see?

Linda: I see a sign that says…wait a minute…let me focus on it…wait a minute…Oh yea, it says RESTROOMS.

Gary: Anything else?

Linda: Every thing’s blurry. You’ve got to find me. I know, I’ll yell MARCO and you yell POLO!

Gary: Just keep talking. Don’t hang up the phone. Holy shit, I see you….DAMN!

And then it just goes down hill from there. Crossing the street, waiting in the cab line, falling asleep in the cab, getting back to the room in heels – you get the picture.

So to recap:

Before Vegas:


After Vegas:


Keep that in mind before you book your trip.



4 responses to “Vegas Part Two

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Now go rent Oceans 11.12 and 13 and relive it…

  2. I am so glad Gar;y found you. What would we do without your awsome sense of humor. Bobbi

  3. sounds like you guys had a blast. thank god your earrings matched! kristin

  4. TBTAM – I kept looking for Clooney while I was there, but no dice.
    Bobbi and Kristin, thanks for the comments. 🙂

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