Yesterday Michael Vick was sentenced to the maximum 23 months in prison for his role in a dogfighting operation. Even though Vick took responsibility for his actions, pled guilty and turned himself in early to start his prison term, Judge Henry E. Hudson threw the legal book at him for initially lying to FBI investigators and testing positive for marijuana.

Yesterday also marked the day that a Baltimore teen charged with beating Zach Sowers into a coma had his plea deal accepted. Four teens total were involved in the June 2nd crime. Three of the foursome watched while Trayvon Ramos performed the actual assault. The takeaway loot from this violent pummeling was $10, a Timex watch, a cell phone and a credit card that they used to rent 2 movies.

Three of the teens plead guilty to robbery in exchange for their testimony against Ramos, who was going to be tried as an adult. Ramos allegedly punched and kicked Sowers repeatedly and ended his rampage by stomping on the unarmed victim’s head. Therefore the Sowers Family was anxiously awaiting their day in court and dumbfounded and dismayed when they found out yesterday that this day would never come.

Sower’s beating was so severe that his young wife of 8 months walked right by the “John Doe” lying in the ICU as Zach was completely unrecognizable. He has been in a coma ever since diagnosed with diffuse axonal injury, DAI, which per is mostly associated with high speed motor vehicle accidents. To date Zach remains in a persistent, vegetative state although he has been weaned off the ventilator and can now open and close his eyes.

Instead of a jury trial, Ramon pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with all but 40 years suspended. He’ll be eligible for paroll in 20 years and all four will face no additional charges if Sowers dies.

So all this got me thinking. Why do we get so incensed and impose the maximum penalty when animals are harmed and yet allow more leeway when human beings are harmed? I don’t think that we care about animals more than people as much as we’re just more used to the harm that people can and will inflict upon each other. When an animal is abused, the group PETA, The People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, gets involved, calls attention to the issue and puts pressure on authorities for justice to be served.

Therefore, perhaps we need to start a new advocacy group called, PETPE which stands for People For The Ethical Treatment Of PEople. You know make it politically incorrect to hurt other people. People could, get this, advocate for other people and look out for one another. And then maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t beat each other with a force that mimics high speed car crashes. PETPE could insist that if a person did break the PETPE code, they’d own up to their crime because it’s the right thing to do and not only in response to plea deals or requests from a victim’s family.

You see only 2 of the 4 teens apologized for their crime and that was after Zach’s wife, Anna, asked for the apology. At least Michael Vick owned up to his crimes all on his own.

If you like this novel idea of people caring for and about other people than send a donation to The Zach Sowers Fund. His insurance coverage will be ending soon and his medical costs are skyrocketing. They could use your help. It’s the ethical thing to do.


Anna Sowers kisses her husband, Zachary.

(Photo by Chiaki Kawajiri and taken from The Baltimore Sun/ July 20 2007)


5 responses to “PETPE

  1. Someone, left a comment here and I accidentally deleted it. So out of respect for free speech I’ve copied it from my email (I get emails when people post on my blog) and will post it here for that person…

    U Kno What Anna.Not Sayn That It Was Alrite For What Happened To Ur Husband Because It Wasnt But How Can U Say Justice Wasnt Served My Baby Brother Got 40 Years At 16.He Is Sorry Im Sorry But Dont U Dare Say Justice Wasnt Served On Ramos.What More Do U Want.His Life Is Gone Also.U Need To Worry About The Other Ones.And This Is Ramos Sister.Do U Honestly Belive He Did This By Himself.My Brother Is Kno Animal He Does Have Alot Of Issues Thats All.Oh Excuse My Grammer In This But U Get My Point.Bam

  2. Let me be clear…
    Anna Sowers does NOT write this blog and is not associated with it at all. I saw her once at a fund raiser for Zach but have never spoken with her in my life. I know a friend of hers.

    Also, read my post again. I’m not calling anyone a dog. I’m saying that SOCIETY in general gets more upset when animals are mistreated than when people are mistreated. I’m knocking on SOCIETY – on all of us – for being okay with hearing about terrible things that happen to our fellow citizens or numb to what we do to one another yet outraged when a canine is mishandled.

    I agree with the comment completely. Ramos life is ruined. He is however free to use his life for a higher purpose. Zach Sowers is still in a coma and the big news on his website is that his bedsore is healing.

  3. I’m so sad to hear that. Thanks for letting me know. Oddly enough, I have to be at the same funeral home for a different person tomorrow and will pop in and pay my respects.

    RIP Zach. Peace and light to you and yours.

  4. Ramos’ sister –
    You do of course realize that while your brother sits in jail, he is still alive while the man that he kicked and stomped has died.
    Where were you that night that he attacked Zach and left him for dead? Zach Sowers was brutally murdered for a few bucks, a credit card and a watch. And where were you last February when he car jacked that woman. He has a lot of issues? If thats true then your family should have done something to control him, not allow him to roam free hurting innocent people. I don’t know Anna Sowers and I didn’t know Zach but this case has touched a lot people. You and your family can go to the prison and visit with your brother, speak to him… but the Sowers family will never get to speak to Zach again or see him except in memories and pictures. Your brother’s life is ruined? At least his still has his life, but think about the man that lost his and his sisters and his wife and his parents.

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