Ba Humbug

All right, I’ll admit, I’m not feeling all that Christmassy at the moment. I wasn’t sure what the problem was and then a few days ago it hit me. I am buying merely to buy. The majority of the gifts that I have purchased are not needed by those receiving the gifts. In fact, most everyone I know has everything that they want. No one waits for Christmas to stock up on clothing or electronics. Most folks simply buy what they need, when they need it.

I remember when Christmas morning was the moment when I would finally receive the Jordache jeans that I had been coveting since the start of school or the Walkman that I had been begging my parents for. And of course who could forget the year that an Atari was under the tree. Oh the exhilaration of our first game of Pong.

But I digress…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that no one I love and care about is dirt poor – but on the other hand, it’s more fun to give a gift that you know someone is looking forward to receiving.



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