Saving Grace

Now that the writer’s strike has screwed up television for the winter, I suggest that instead of watching more reality TV you catch the reruns of Saving Grace on TNT.


I can honestly say that this is the best show that I’ve ever watched. It’s real, raw, raunchy and believable. This isn’t a Michael Landon or a Roma Downey type of angel show. Think Sopranos with a supernatural twist and you’ve got Saving Grace. The set design isn’t slick. Grace’s hair and wardrobe aren’t stylized and they cuss like nobody’s business. It tackles religion, sin, salvation, sex, family, society, and spirituality every week. Characters make both great and lousy choices. Everyone is a bundle of contradictions.

Grace spends her days ridding the streets of criminals yet breaks almost every rule to justify her own behaviors while looking for salvation in a bottle of booze, a pack of smokes or underneath the sheets. Just when you want to reach into your television and smack some sense into her she’ll make the most compassionate choice. Then just when you think that she’s turning a new leaf, she screws up again.

And that’s just the main character. Everyone in this cast is complicated.

This show tackles all the topics that I find fascinating but doesn’t shy away from the messiness of it which I really appreciate. The season ending cliff hanger kicked ass and I can’t believe that I have to wait until this summer to see what happens next.

So take advantage of the writer’s strike and get to know this series. Holly Hunter does a superb job with this character and Nancy Miller the executive producer has created an amazing story. You can watch episodes online or on TNT. My advice. Start from the beginning and watch them in order, it’ll make more sense that way.


One response to “Saving Grace

  1. I am sad to see such a touching and lesson teaching show go! How do they keep shows such as “Jersey Shore” on the air and they can’t keep something so adoring as Saving Grace. I was very saddened by the show ending, but what a lesson it teaches us all, we do what we have to by taking care of our loved ones. thank you Holly hunter and cast for such a wonderful show, that was ended well before it should have been.

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