Happy Festivus

Now that the truth about Santa has been revealed to my youngest daughter, we are able to tweak our Christmas holiday this year. Rather than lugging our family gifts three and half hours away just to open them on the 25th, we decided to celebrate here in Maryland a few days early which would free us up to travel and celebrate Christmas with our extended family.

So my kids have been counting down to their Christmas, today, in lieu of the real Christmas on Tuesday. Considering that many of the young folks in our life still believe in Santa, we didn’t want to risk tipping anyone off, so we decided to count down to Christmas, code name, Festivus instead.

Had we not had plans last night we would have kicked off Festivus Eve with a trip through the McDonald’s drive thru, as we felt that would be the appropriate culinary companion to the holiday for the rest of us. We may celebrate this glorious, Festivus morning with Sausage McMuffins and hash browns instead, although a full sit down meal at a local diner may be more appropriate.

You can imagine how much I’m looking forward to the airing of grievances portion of the morning, whereas my husband, an ex-wrestler from high school, is psyched about the after meal display of his feats of strength. Since Festivus doesn’t end until the head of the household is pinned I may use this morning to the teach the girls how to kick an assailant in the balls so we can move the morning along. Sadly we don’t have a pole, but I do have a upright, metal paper towel holder that I’m hoping will do.

Happy Festivus Everyone!


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